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Bantry Library is located in a single storey building located on a raised island site. The design was inspired by the cromlech, an ancient burial tomb. The library is built on the site of a former mill. The mill stream was re-routed to form an artificial lake in front of the library entrance. The entrance patio forms a bridge across this water.

Library Details
Local Authority Name Cork County Council
Library Bantry
Library Name Bantry Library
Date Opened 26 June 1976
Contact Details
Address Bridge Street
County Cork
Telephone 027 50460
Locality & Services
Type of Service Branch library
Type of Building Purpose-built library
Description of Locality Town centre
Urban Population 3309
Stand Alone Facility Yes
Size & Costs
Number of Floors 1
Size (m2) 464
Funding Sources Local Authority, DEHLG
Features & Facilities
Special Features Riverside site
Sloping site
Special Facilities Learning space
Internet Access 4 terminals
Wi-Fi Yes
Printing Yes
Photocopying Yes
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Architect & Design Team
Architect Name Patrick McSweeney, Cork County Architect (1974)
County/City Librarian Cork County Council; Cork County Librarian (1974)
Additional Information

For further information please contact Cork County Council Library Authority


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